Osuna University
This university is one of the oldest in Andalusia and therefore one of the most significant examples of Spanish culture. Just 3 minutes from the hotel (by car), is this building organized in a chapel, a rectangular floor called "room of the Girona", a central courtyard, etc. Although it preserves historical architectural elements, Many of its original units have now been adapted into modern classrooms. Undoubtedly, a great historical work that every stranger should know.

Monastery of the Incarnation
The Monastery of the Incarnation was built in the sixteenth century, initially as the Hospital of the Incarnation. Two centuries later, the Duchess of Osuna founded the Monastery where the nuns of the Royal and Military Order of Mercy ruled.
Inside, it has a baroque and neoclassical chapel, highlighting in the main niche a sculpture of the Virgin of Mercy. From the church you can access the main cloister of the convent, built on marble columns. At the back of the monastery we can find a porticoed courtyard with 18th century Sevillian tiles and a collection of Jesus Children.